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We are Centurions

We are Centurions, a team of Engineers who believes we can create a better future through right application of science. We Graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from BRAC University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. From October 2015, we are pursuing our Masters degree in Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan. Our scope of study will be Nano Satellite Development and its application in developing countries like Bangladesh. We represent Bangladesh in BIRDS Project. Stay connected with us on our Facebook page for more updates.

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Expertise : Embedded Systems, Analog Devices, Communication Systems.

Hobby : Music, Dance, Innovation

Dream : Climbing into my dream.

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Expertise : Embedded Systems, Graphics, Softwares.

Hobby : Music.

Dream : Hmm...Where to begin?

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Expertise : Embedded Systems, Image Processing, Automation.

Hobby : Household Hacking, Cars, Sunset!

Dream : Buy a 911 GT2!

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UAV Base Remote Sensing
Satellites have made it so easy for us to make aerial map, multi spectral imaging makes it easy for agricultural researcher to suggest better strategy for maximum crop yield. But everything is dependent on satellites. Can we do something to solve this? Porjobekkhok Our solution was to create an alternative platform for remote sensing using UAV. Using locally available parts and tools we created, “Porjobekkhok”, a hobby grade UAV equipped with custom softwares. Our UAV has 3 main functionality which can be extended in the software. Continue Reading,