Solar cell discharge is recorded. ON SPACE!!!

This is huge people. We really can’t tell you enough how important it is. This is one of those “FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD” moment.

My Professor studies solar cell discharge on space. Long story short, when you are trying to generate high voltage in space, due to presence of plasma, a short circuit occurs(technically, it is called “discharge”. If you understand short circuit, it’s fine).

“Duh! Then don’t generate high voltage. Problem solved.”

We wish we could do that. But ask any electrical engineer. If you have lot of things to power up, you need high voltage. There is no other solution to it. That’s why a National power grid is Thousand of Voltage and you have to build high expensive tower to prevent ‘short circuit’ from happening.

So this is my Professor does. He studies how to solve this problem. So far, we have post discharge evidence and simulate discharge. Now we have photograph of discharge occurring in space. You can see a small spark in the news report linked below. But what is a small spark to eye, is a huge spark in our heart.

Read the original report at


Horyu4 Digi-singer Mission Succeeded

Horyu4 Digi-Singer mission has succeeded. Horyu4 team has published 2 videos of recorded audio of Digi-Singer mission.


The second video,


This is a great news, both for Horyu4 team as well as BIRDS members.

What is Digi-Singer Mission?

Digi-Singer mission synthesizes human voice from midi file. The vocalized or the voice synthesizer makes it appear as if a human is singing. But in reality, it is a synthesized digital voice produced from raw computer codes.

Why are we excited?


Distance. Ask any amateur radio operator or technology hobbyist, distance matters. It doesn’t matter if you are using Google fiber or LTE mobile phones. If you are making a long distant telephone call, you can tell by its deteriorated audio. In our case, the audio transmission comes from SPACE. That too from 573 KM away.


Science behind it. Radio signals are electromagnetic waves. Everyone understands that. But How exactly does it happen? If you are a Engineering Major, sure you understand it. But what about school students? How can they experiment with long distance radio signals. It maybe very simple, but when you are a high school student and successfully decode a satellite signal, it’s an awesome feeling.