BRAC ONNESHA Launch day announced!


BRAC ONNESHA launch day has been announced! BRAC Onnesha will be Launched on 2 June, 03:55 am BDT.

Mark your calendar. >><<

The Launcher is Space X’s  Falcon 9. It’ll be launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  SpaceX will be delivering Cargo to International Space Station. And among the cargo, will be our precious BRAC ONNESHA  😀 😀 😀

You can follow the news by searching “CRS11” on google.


What this means?

Once BRAC ONNESHA is Launched and Deployed, it will be the first Satellite of Bangladesh, orbiting the earth. During it’s 6 months mission, it’ll perform 6 missions. It’ll also be a part of BIRDS CubeSat constellation. It is worth mentioning, BIRDS CubeSat Constellation is also first of its kind.


What do you mean by “Launch” and “Deployment”?

BRAC ONNESHA will be deployed from International Space Station’s(ISS) robotic arm. ISS provides an excellent opportunity for University CubeSat project. Frequent and comparatively cheap launches attract many universities. First, the CubeSat will be “Launched” by SpaceX cargo mission (CRS11). BRAC ONNESHA will be kept inside ISS for few days. The then, it’ll be “Deployed” from ISS’s KIBO module.


When will be the “Deployment”?

We don’t know yet. We are waiting to hear from JAXA.


Why is SpaceX launching? Why not JAXA launcher?

ISS is a shared property among nations. NASA, JAXA & ESA together decides who does what and when. CRS11 has been decided to carried out by SpaceX.


Why is Bangladesh’s satellite being Launched by USA company?

This is Bangladesh’s first Satellite. We don’t have any launchers which can put our satellite into desired orbit.


Who is responsible for building this satellite?

BRAC ONNESHA is a part of BIRDS project. BIRDS project is a collaborative project from Kyushu Institute of Technology. 7 countries in total are partaking in this project. Bangladesh team is simply us (Team Centurions :D). BRAC University is the stakeholder for Bangladesh.


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